Sezgin Arslan, Engineer

I have sent a background and they were ready for the consultation at a scheduled time.

Cynthia and her colleague answered all the questions and after that she send a summary.

Amazing experience.

Strongly suggested

[The client rated us with the maximum of 5 stars]

Christian Bordey, Fashion Photographer

I am « extraordinary »!!!

Just chitchatting with Cynthia and she let me know that I am eligible for different types of US visas, notably one that can facilitate my trips to the US on a regular basis in order to prospect for clients. You see right away that she masters the subject, also that she lived in the US territory and that she counts many cases to her credit already. Thus, Cynthia suggested scheduling an appointment in order to set out what she does. From there I discovered the whole path to go through which eventually lead to a Green Card and that follows an implacable logic. This approach even helped me clearly set up career goals. Cynthia masters this surgical process that obeys a strict logic in everyone interest. Her approach and analysis enable you to truly establish yourself and grow locally first, by unleashing your potential, then confirming at the same time your art and leadership in the sought-after field, all of it in the perspective of what you can bring to the US market. Cynthia shared with me her experience acquired while in touch with well-known photographers and artists who succeed their immigration to the US and above all who broke through the highly competitive US market. This conversation allowed me to move forward in my reflection and I expect to take advantage of her advices and tips to ease my proceedings! ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. This is a great quote outlining the assistance Cynthia has implemented.

Wendie Zahibo, Author, webzine host and producer

As an author, I am at this stage of my career where I am open to what the USA has to offer.

Without knowing where to start and where to find clear information regarding both B1 and O1 visa applications, I got in touch with Cynthia and her firm CS Consulting.

In only one hour Cynthia gave me key and above all precious info regarding proceedings to follow in order to obtain a visa matching my needs.

If you do not know where to start, what visa to turn to, I highly recommend her.

She will clear this mysterious fuzziness that reins on US visas. 🙂

The client rated us with the maximum of 5 stars]

Elodie Garnier, Fitness Coach

I am very grateful to Cynthia Sicart for all her help and hard work.

I highly recommend her services.

She is very responsive to emails and phone calls.

Also she takes time to send an email that summarizes all the information that we had discussed during our interactions.

Thank you!

Alejandro Canca Mancera, Accountant

I had some queries about immigration rules/visas and Cynthia helped me in a very professional and effective matter.

I highly recommend her services!!