Entrepreneurial spirit

Professional ethics

Solution orientated

Giving back

At CS Consulting we know that immigration is fundamentally personal matter to our clients. We pledge for compassionate attitude coupled with fair and comprehensive fees. Indeed, we charge a flat fee for applications and business services which all include a range of services and items.

Moreover, to ensure the best quality services to our clients, we have developed strong and reliable partnerships and surround ourselves with various experts in different fields.

CS Consulting was founded with the genuine vision to build the firm’s reputation by satisfying each of its clients’ needs –one client, and one successful outcome at the time. Indeed, numerous clients came to us frustrated with the quality of the services provided by the attorney they hired: no phone calls returned after payment of the retainer, no communication about progresses realized on applications, and burdensome fees. We endeavor in giving clients the attention they deserve and always adhere to professional ethics, integrity and responsiveness. We pride ourselves in giving only realistic and feasible options to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Immigration processes can be stressful and overwhelming; we maximize our efforts in guiding our clients through clear communication and frequent updates, and granting affordable and cost-effective fees without compromising on quality of services.

Also, we actively support our communities with volunteer efforts. CS Consulting’s creation is tied to the philosophy of giving back, in ways that make a meaningful difference for the community. Indeed, community service is running in our cultural DNA. Our team regularly devotes time and skills to various organizations, by serving in leadership positions on boards of non-profit-organizations and through other volunteer endeavors. CS Consulting is also conscientiously choosing working environments that promote sustainable practices in order to minimize our institutional environmental footprint. We notably foster purchases of recycled office supplies, avoid plastic use, limit the use of paper and whenever possible institute double-sided copying.