• Translation services
  • Business plan drafting
  • Companies incorporation & Business acquisitions
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Transcription
  • Non-immigrant visa applications
  • Immigrant visa applications
  • Applications & USCIS Forms review
  • Complementary applications

CS Consulting is specialized in the management of Non-immigrant and Immigrant visa applications. We are dedicated in helping our clients (individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses or independent law firms) in submitting qualified Employment, Green Card and Naturalization applications. Our devoted and highly skilled team possesses extensive experience and strong reputation notably regarding business immigration (investors & intra-company transferees), marriage based green card, and extraordinary abilities based applications.

Solution-orientated, our team is therefore also specialized in addressing key concerns of businesses, in particular to Startup as well as MSME, willing to invest in the USA. We provide high-end business consulting services in various areas –such as: business plan, translations, drafting of letters (support letters, recommendation letters, advisory opinion letter, attorney’s letters etc.), applications management and professional reviews (USCIS forms). We are as much enthusiast to work with the small business owner as we are with the largest corporation.

Our commitment is to help our clients in achieving their U.S. immigration project in a very unique and designed manner. Through scalable and skillful project management we guide our clients during the whole immigration process. We notably: help startup entrepreneurs propel to their next level in the U.S market; develop efficient strategies and provide our clients (athletes, artists, scientists, business owner and entrepreneurs) with the required knowledge on how to submit a comprehensive O1 application; assist individuals and families with their complex fiancé, citizenship and naturalization proceedings through step-by-step designed processes.