Non-Immigrant visa Applications

Our firm is specialized in the management of Non-immigrant visa applications for: temporary business visitors, investor visa, work visas based either on extraordinary or outstanding abilities, as well as traineeship visas  and intra-company transferees visas. CS Consulting also helps you filing your tourist visa to the corresponding US Consulate or Embassy.

  • B-1 and B-2 visas
  • E-2 visa (Investor visa)
  • O1-A & O1-B visas (extraordinary abilities)
  • P visa
  • L1-A & L1-B visas
  • F1 visa
  • H1-B

Immigrant visa Applications & Citizenship

At CS Consulting we are dedicated in helping our clients (individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses or independent law firms) in submitting qualified Employment, Green Card and Naturalization applications. Our devoted and highly skilled team possesses extensive experience and strong reputation notably regarding marriage based green card, and extraordinary abilities based applications.

  • EB-1 visa
  • EB-5 visa
  • Green Card (through work or marriage)
  • K-1 fiancé(e) visa
  • Naturalization

Application review

This service is designed for immigration lawyer as well as individuals looking for an expert eye.

CS Consulting offers various review packages, from single forms review to applications review.

Complementary Applications

Our team is devoted in assisting you for a range of other type of applications, such as:

  • Work permit (notably for dependent spouses)
  • Travel & Re-entry permit